Du 1er avril 2018 au 11 novembre 2018 (Evénement passé.)

Exposition assiettes humoristiques anciennes

Exposition au sein du musée. No, it’s not about connected plates in the modern sense where we hear it nowadays ! But in the 19th century, when they experienced an unprecedented development in France thanks to the invention of a new printing process, they were in a way connected to the reality of their time.
"Plates speaking" is the name given to plates in fine earthenware decorated with drawings that tell us stories. The decorations of these plates "speak" to us of the life of the time.
Since the factories want to reach the widest possible clientele from different backgrounds, the subjects are extremely varied. Military life, hunting, fishing, monuments, politics, history, sport, religion, fashion, travel, social life and the mores of French urban and rural society as well as fables, rebus Proverbs and popular songs are represented.
These plates, usually dessert plates, while sometimes used as a tool of political propaganda to deflect censorship, were popular entertainment objects for the entertainment they arouse at the end of the meal.
Come and discover the exhibition dedicated to them at the museum.

Visit of the exhibition included in the usual entrance fee of the museum
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